Project Cohort is a platform for sending your message to an Audience outside of your existing social network.

With this great power, comes great responsibility to ensure that your messages are consistent with the content guidelines of our publisher partners and are respectful to your Audience.

Broadly speaking, Project Cohort is designed to enable and accelerate the dissemination of virtuous and noble topics, both commercial and societal. Aggressive and offensive words and imagery are utterly antithetical to our intent and will not be admitted onto the platform.

One easy litmus test when determining suitably of your content is to consider if you would feel comfortable sharing your message among your existing social network under your name? While such in-network sharing is an optional feature in Project Cohort, a hesitance here might suggest some modifications are appropriate.

If specific examples are useful, the following are some types of content we strictly prohibit:

  • Verbal or visual attacks on groups or individuals.
  • Adult content, nude imagery, etc.
  • Swearing, offensive wording, or unintelligible grammar.
  • Hate speech, rudeness, racism
  • Discussions or promotions on health-related topics.
  • Sketchy businesses or recruitment.
  • Adware, malware, injected software, etc.

Additionally, we reserve the right to reject Cohorts for any reason if we feel the content may be overly controversial or misinterpreted by individuals within your Audience.

If your Cohort is considered inappropriate, its status will be changed to “Rejected”. We will contacted to¬†clarify how and why this decision was made. You are always welcome to create modified or new versions of a rejected Cohort at any time.

Finally, when creating Cohorts, please respect copyright law and don’t distribute copywritten images for which you don’t have permission to use in an editorial context.

But all this is so negative. Can we focus on techniques to drive stronger responses in our Message FAQ?

Please email us at any questions or comments on this FAQ.