The final step in launching your Cohort is to press the “Launch” button!

There are a few helpful bits of information about your Cohort available at this time:

Estimated Reach: The number of unique people that we expect your Cohort to reach during this time. All of these people will be within your desired Audience. Most will see the message one time, but a few could see it multiple times. Currently, this number is an educated guess, so we cannot promise it’s exactly precise, but it should be close.

Percent of Audience: This represents the expect percent of your Audience that this Cohort will reach. For example, if your Audience includes 1000 people and the Estimated Reach of this Cohort is 500, the Percent of Audience will be 50%. Currently, the only way to increase this number is to go back one step and further refine your Audience to be smaller.

Start: Describes when your Cohort will begin to reach the Audience. Currently, the only available option is Immediately.

Duration: How long the Cohort will take reach it’s Audience. Currently, the only available option is two days.

Cost: Everything Cohort is free currently. Enjoy!

Once you select Launch, your Cohort will be reviewed by us and the publishers where it will appear to ensure consistency with content guidelines (see our Content FAQ for more detail). In most cases, the Cohort will start to reach it’s Audience within an hour.

Please email us at any questions or comments on this FAQ.