Getting the attention of new people is hard, so we recommend the following best practices when crafting your Cohort message and selecting a matching image:

Message Text

  • Address your recipients directly: You picked them, make them feel special. Something like “Dear ACME Employees” is a great way to attract attention.

  • Challenge your Audience: Say something controversial or ask a thought-provoking question.

  • Keep it short and sweet: Avoid large blocks of text and fancy words.

  • Don’t bury the lead: Place your key message in first sentence.

  • Give clear instructions: Add a concise “Call-to-Action” that directly states what you want the recipient to do. If you simply want people to engage with the message itself (like, comment), that will happen automatically.

  • Shorten your URL’s: If placing a link of any kind in the message, considering using a URL shortener. is our favorite. Use those precious saved characters to explain why they should click.

  • The maximum message length is 250 characters.

Image Selection

Humans are visual creatures, so your image is the most important part of your Cohort.

  • Pick something visually striking: Seems obvious, but simple, arresting images are much more effective at attracting attention.┬áBabies, attractive people and bold colors are powerful tools.

  • Make it contextually relevant: If your message text is about a news story, pick an image clearly related to that event.

  • Avoid landscapes or complicated urban scenes: They are great at art galleries, but far too complex to be absorbed, so will be ignored.

  • Minimize text: People don’t like to read. In addition, some publishers limit distribution if there is too much text in the image.

  • Avoid logos or icons: Boring!

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