What is Project Cohort?

Project Cohort allows you to reach people outside of your existing network by inserting messages into the sponsored sections of social networks, apps, and web pages. We refer to this message as a Cohort and the group you are reaching as the Audience.

How is this different than Facebook, Instagram, Snap, LinkedIn and other social networks? 

While powerful, each of these tools is generally designed to help you communicate with people you already know.

Conversely, Project Cohort sends your message to:

– specific types of people,
– that you have never met,
– that (probably) don’t use Project Cohort (yet).

Where does my Cohorts appear? 

Today, during our Alpha testing phase, our distribution is limited to Facebook, where your Cohort is featured in the newsfeed, instant articles, and right-hand placements of desired recipients. This will soon broaden to include other social networks, popular apps, and media websites. Our goal is to reach 100% of your target audience, wherever they might be spending time.

So this is advertising? 

While Project Cohort makes use of the digital advertising infrastructure, we consider your messages to be a whole different animal. Unlike ads, Cohorts are usually extremely relevant and very interesting to the recipient. We think of Project Cohort as a 3rd form of social messaging, somewhere between old-fashioned friend networking and traditional commercial advertising.

Won’t people be annoyed? 

Remember, the number of ads people receive online is basically fixed, based on time spent and their commercial value. This means your Cohort will be a welcome relief from traditional ads. To make this possible, we outbid regular advertisers on each publisher to reach your desired Audience. You can also help by ensuring relevant and compelling content. Check out Attracting Attention FAQ for some best practices.

I can say anything I want? 

We encourage creativity and passion, but adhere strictly to the rules from our partner publishers, which means all Cohorts must be respectful, constructive, and non-offensive. You can say things that are controversial, but you cannot attack the recipient or a 3rd party person or group. All Cohorts are manually checked (twice!) before launch to ensure consistency with this intention. Please review our Content FAQ for more details.

How do I get some ideas on how to use Project Cohort? 

Seeing how others are using the tool is both fun and inspiring. The first, default screen is the Cohort List, which includes curated views of “Ideas” and “Trending Cohorts”. Exploring the message and response of a few of these should be your first stop as a new user!

How is this free? 

Sponsored placements cost money, but not that much when sent on a human scale. We are paying the bill during the testing phase, but hope to charge a small fee in the future.

Please email us at support@yourcohort.com any questions or comments on this FAQ.